CIE Hércules da Orixeira. «Bel».

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CIE Hércules da Orixeira. «Belle» BEST DOG!!!!
¡VA POR TI BELLE! y por vosotros Héctor y Laura!!!!
Many thanks to the judge Anita Stallard for ordering the recently deceased Belle as 1st Open class and the best male.
Yesterday would be her 13th birthday.
1st Belle owned by Jose Luis Martinez Rey, this 4 year old boy that has been very well presented in the photo, he has a strong male head, a great reach of neck, which merges into and down his broad shoulders, he has a straight top line, a very well muscled dog all in proportion his chest is deep and looks well muscled.
His legs look straight pure solid bone structure this lends itself to him been fit for purpose a good strong boy l would like to see this boy on the move.
Belle in the photo at the age of four. Lisbon 2 Jun 2012.

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