Exposiciones Internacionales de Primavera y Otoño. Monógrafica del CER.



There are good, very good and exceptional days, but this weekend has been historic for COSTA ARTABRA. No matter how many years we were in the dog world, it would not be possible to repeat this. We are over the moon, super proud and very happy with the results of this weekend in the two Madrid International dog shows and Spanish Retriever Club Show. It was a tiring weekend, but it was worth seeing again with so many friends after COVID, with a great atmosphere outside and inside the ring. Entries greater than 90 golden
We appreciate all the congratulations we had from all the other exhibitors and friends. Congratulations to all the winners.

Many thanks to everyone who helped us, without them it would not be possible, my wife who worked so many hours, Kiko Muiños our co-owner, Hector, Laura, Bernar and Bego.

Congratulations Jorge y Susana, breeders of Dance. Thanks to the judges; Joaquín Cerdeira, Luis Pinto Teixeira & Lyn Walker
We will post the full results soon.
COSTA ARTABRA GALAN DE NOCHE. CAC & New Spanish Champion. (Dog)
COSTA ARTABRA RULY. JCAC & New Spanish Junior Champion   Crufts qualification & Latin Junior Winner (Dog)
COSTA ARTABRA VIRXE DA GUIA. JCAC & New Spanish Junior Champion. Crufts qualification & Latin Junior Winner (Female)
THE DANCE OF DRAGONS DE BOSQUE DEL TRASGU. CAC & 2ºBOS at Club Show. She lacks only the PAN to proclaim herself champion of Spain.